Nancy Landa is CEO, Mom Of 3, “Grammy” to 7 and DIY Diva….

Caregiver, Sister, Daughter, and Friend.

Nancy is a woman who is passionate about design, color, fabrics and furnishings.  In March of 2007 she purchased a late 1800′s farmhouse in Anderson, SC and has been renovating it since then.  

It has always been Nancy’s dream to work on a project such as this.  Inspired by a home renovation she saw as a teenager, she enjoys watching the transformation take place.  Older homes tend to provide a whole new set of challenges, but often provide an excellent foundation from which to work.  Her goal is to update the house while maintaining the integrity of the original design.  This old farmhouse, formerly known as the “Shirley House”,has become the project house.

Nancy’s elderly parents, currently ages 93 and 84, live with her.  She has been their full-time caregiver since 2005.  Her Mom is an accomplished artist, though Alzheimer’s has robbed her of much of that gift now.  Nancy attributes her passion for design to her Mom.  Her Dad was a tool & die maker.  “Any of my do it yourself ability probably comes from him” states Nancy.  

Her greatest desire is to provide them with a beautiful, comfortable and well-decorated home they can be proud to live out this phase of their life in.

Nancy is the CEO and founder of to share her passion for interior design, offer inspiration, encouragement and knowledge to help home improvement enthusiasts everywhere follow their dream of creating a beautiful, well-designed home for their family.

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