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My Home Renovation Project

My Home Renovation Project

I found this home online while I was living in MA.  At that time, I was making plans to move to SC, bringing my elderly parents down with me so I could take care of them, and still be near my oldest daughter and grandchildren.

This home seemed to meet the needs of my family.  I wanted my parents to have space of their own; a bedroom, bathroom and a “family room” where they could watch tv, listen to the radio, or whatever they wanted to do.  It would be their space.  It needed, of course, to be on the first floor, as my dad had difficulty climbing stairs.  My teenage daughter and I would reside on the second floor.

When I first viewed this home, there were 3 bedrooms upstairs, and 3 bedrooms downstairs.  The home is nearly 3,000 square feet.  It was part of a 71 acre farm.  I purchased 2 1/2 acres with the house.  It has a greenhouse, 2 barns and a deteriorating carport that is located quite a distance from the house.

Since I work from home, the second bedroom downstairs would become my home office, and the third downstairs bedroom would become my parent’s family room.  I don’t know of any house that could have been more perfect for my family!  This was a gem of a house, though it was quite apparent, a lot of work needed to be done to truly make it a home for us.

I’m told the house was built in the early 1920’s, but no one seems to know the exact date.  I later learned it was actually built in the late 1800’s, and added on to some years after that.  It is very well built, according to the home inspector.  It had been vacant for at least 2 years, and sold at auction prior to my purchasing it.  This home had been in the same family since it was built.

The house is surrounded by lots of very large oak and pecan trees.  The trunks of which I can not get my arms around even half way around.  (They’re huge!)

The driveway is mostly dirt with some broken asphalt caused by lots of tree root growth.  There is a brick patio next to a koi pond that is filled in with overgrown English ivy.  The greenhouse is in need of repair, and so are the 2 barns.  There is junk everywhere, including client records that had purchased from the previous owner’s greenhouse business.

There are brick walkways that extend from the right side door all the way around to the back of the house, where they end at the base of a huge oak tree.  There’s a large piece of concrete that is angled against the tree.  There is more brick that edges around one side of the back yard, and extends down a pathway toward a field in the back.

The bushes around the house are very overgrown and include azalea, camellia, and boxwood.  There are several dogwood trees that line the outer edge of the left side yard and provide a border between one of the barns and the house.

In the back yard, there is a concrete cover over the original hand-dug well, a very large oil tank with approximately 100 gallons of kerosene, and another oil tank in the ground with heating oil.  The house has a partial basement with a dirt floor that houses the furnace and water heater.

The screened in front porch is a nice size (38′ x 9’6″) and was covered with indoor outdoor carpet that was very worn.


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