Interior – Downstairs

Let me take you on a bit of a “tour” of the downstairs interior of this house when I bought it.  It had a musty old smell due to being vacant for at least a couple of years.  Wall to wall sculptured plush carpet covered every floor with the exception of the kitchen.  I pulled up a loose edge between the dining room and the living room and it revealed 1 1/2″ oak hardwood flooring. All of the interior doors are solid wood with glass door knobs.  

Skeleton key type locks fit these doors.  Every room can be closed off from the rest of the house with doors.  There is a lot of wide trim around every door and window.  There is crown molding in the living room, dining room, and every bedroom downstairs.  The ceiling height downstairs in 9′ 6″.

The downstairs bathroom has an old ceramic sink attached to the wall, an old tub and commode.  The sink is directly in front of you as you enter the room.  This room would require a complete remodel, as it would not be suitable for wheelchair access.  Though neither of my parents require a  wheelchair at this time, there is a possibility they would at some point in the future.

The laundry area is actually a closed in side porch.  It has a black and white checkerboard tile floor, many of which are either loose or broken.  The walls below the windows that line the room are paneled.

The kitchen has no appliances, and no space for a dishwasher.  It does have a very nice white ceramic double deep basin sink.  The one wall of cabinets are simple in design with chrome looking handles and drawer pulls.  The floor is lineoleum looking, with a few broken areas.  The countertop appears to be a similar material.

The wooden staircase that leads upstairs is entered from the rear of the central hallway and is covered with the same carpet as the rest of the downstairs, with the exception of the bedrooms that have different carpet, probably installed before the rest of the carpet in the house, as it is quite worn.

The downstairs of this house needed a lot of work, but little by little it is getting done.  Though no room is completely finished downstairs, progress is being made.

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