Home Office

I am so excited about renovating my home office.  

It has taken me several years to really determine how I want this room to look.  Unfortunately, some things I’ve already done, will now need to be undone.  lol  Funny how that works.  This room shares a wall with my parent’s bedroom and the laundry room.  It has a window to the laundry room which makes no sense now, though it is apparent the laundry room was the original porch, which would explain the window between the two rooms.

Here’s what the room, now my home office, looked like upon purchase of the house:

home office

The biggest error I made was when the wiring was redone; a new junction box was added in this room and placed between the two exterior windows.  I really wish I had not had it placed there, because it just doesn’t make any sense to have 2 junction boxes.  The window on the right will be removed to allow for a french door that will lead out to a deck that will be built.  The closet you see on the left is no longer there.  It was added to my parent’s bedroom and taken out of this room.

Here are some of the elements I will be adding to my home office:

The area rug – once the floor is refinished, this rug will look great!

home office

This desk:

home officeThis chair (in purple leather):

home officeThis lateral file cabinet:

home officeThis lamp:

home officeand the ceiling fan:

home officeAlong the left wall, will be 9′ high custom built book cases.  I have so many books that are still packed in boxes!  The book cases will be a very much needed addition.

The home office has 2 entry doors; one from the back foyer near the kitchen, and one from the center hallway.   This has no longer makes sense, since we have central heat and air conditioning installed.  The plan is to close the home office in from one door to the other, and then using just one door to enter the office.  The existing doors will be removed and archways will be built to replicate the archway entry to the kitchen.  The new hallway floor will be tiled as a natural extension from the back foyer, using the same tile, of course.

With these changes in place, the home office will be a wonderful, practical, and functional place to work.

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