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You might be asking yourself, what’s the point of this blog?  Well, this is what I am passionate about; renovating my beautiful old late 1800’s farmhouse.  I can visualize exactly the way I want it to be down to the smallest of details.  I have spent countless hours searching for particular elements, whether they be fabrics, furnishings, or colors.  Those are my favorite “toys”.

So what’s the point?  I want to finish this project in a more timely manner.  You see, it has been nearly 3 years, with the most work being done in the first 30 days and the first year.  Granted, it would have been better if I had started this blog when I started the project, but I didn’t know anything about blogging back then!  Now that I do, and my home still needs finishing, it’s time to get these things down in writing.

My goal is to finish, complete and be done with the entire renovation of my home within 18 months.  Here’s a list of my challenges:

1.  There is significant expense with this project that can  be a determining factor on how fast or slow the pace.  Everything I’ve completed thus far has been on a shoe string budget.  My aim initially was to get the place livable for my parents, while adding some design elements that would reflect my own style.

2. Most of the work I will do myself.  I’m learning as I go along and hire someone else to do the things where I have no knowledge or specific training to do.

3.  I  work from home.  This I see as  a positive as well as a negative in the completion of this project.

4.  I have responsibilities in taking care of my elderly parents, who live with me.  They are the reason for this home, and my greatest reason “why” I want to get this completed.  I want them to enjoy it!

5.  I am easily frustrated because I can see in my mind so clearly exactly the way I want each room to look, and yet that still seems so far from reality!

I realized that though I’ve been working on the house for several years now, not a single room is completed yet!  Some rooms simply need the windows replaced, and then window treatments.  Other rooms, such as my office, is a complete renovation/redesign job.

So, where should I start?  I think the best place to start is my parent’s bedroom, as it simply needs new windows, window treatments, and some base molding replaced.  It needs the least amount of things done, and I will finally have one room that I can call “completed”, at long last.

The challenge here on this blog is to give you a chronological order of what has been done so far, provide some before pictures, during pictures, and then of course, the after pictures, and take you through the final processes to completion.  I may even shoot some videos, that could give you a better “feel” for this beautiful place.

I would very much enjoy your feedback as you follow my progress in completing this work of passion.  I will share with you my vision, each element and the process needed to complete this renovation project.  Let me know your thoughts!  It is my hope that this project will inspire you to create beauty in your home that reflects your personality, your style and your character.  Make it something that is uniquely you and enjoy the journey in that process.



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